I am using AdWords for many years now. I love AdWords as much as I hate them. There is NOT any other advertisement platform that delivers constant quality traffic as AdWords does.

First time I got banned from AdWords was in 2010 when I was on holiday in Koh Samui, Thailand. When my ads stopped appearing on Google I was in a big shock. I immediately sent an email to Customer Service to clarify why they banned my AdWords account. All I got from AdWords was some vague email that they could not give me any specific reasons why I was banned(!!!).

I have spent thousands of dollars with AdWords promoting my ecommerce business for years and that’s how they would treat long-time loyal customers, just tell them: We don’t like you anymore here.

I decided to send them another email the next morning explaining that I was not happy with their answer and if they could give me any specific reason for what triggered my AdWords account to be banned. The reply received to this email from AdWords was even more disappointing, instead of giving me some explanation they just sent a short email ‘…we already explained in your previous email that you have been banned from AdWords, therefore please refrain from contacting us again.’

Sales on my website were down 90%, I received some organic and paid traffic from Yahoo, Bing and Facebook.

I had more than 10,000$ worth of stock in the warehouse to which I outsource fulfillment. My life turned into a real nightmare, I was sitting in this Starbucks coffee shop in Chaweng Beach, on this beautiful Thai island and my nerves were on edge. This AdWords ban did not only destroy my business but also my holiday.

My first thought was to open a new AdWords account and hope it will work, however, I was not very hopeful, as friends told me before that once banned from Google you will not be able to get back on again.

I created my AdWords account and successfully paid the activation fee. Everything looked fine, now I was just waiting that my Google Ads would start running. 4 hours later I searched at Google, my ads did not appear. Next morning when I turned on my laptop I was hoping that my ads would show by now. Again, nothing showed up.

At this point I realized there is no alternative to Google AdWords!

Google has a virtual monopoly on online advertisement. I need to get un-banned on AdWords no matter what, to save my business and livelihood.

In my desperation I spent day after day analyzing in depth the technology Google AdWords applies to ban people from using their service who have been banned before. After weeks when I was close to giving up, my research finally paid off, I found a way operating an account without getting banned.

It was an incredible feeling when I entered my keywords on Google and my Ads finally showed up!

At same time, John, a good friend of mine, who is running an online travel agency, got banned from AdWords as well, I shared with him in detail how I got un-banned from AdWords and he was up and running again in less than 24 hours. You cannot imagine the smile on his face when his Google ads were live again.

This made me think that other people might be interested in this matter as well, so I started writing this eBook. This proven method I discovered will get you back on Google AdWords 100%. You don’t have to worry anymore testing anything in your account.

AdWords Unbanned Features:
ch Lifetime Updates Get free lifetime updates of ‘AdWords Unbanned’. This means that you will get a new version of my guide whenever there is an update!
ch Learn to be Fully Anonymous You will learn how to cloak your online presence, not only for Google AdWords but this can be used anywhere else you might go online.
ch Get Back On You will learn how to get back on AdWords. I’ll show you how to NEVER be AdWords banned again! This method works worldwide.
ch Anonymous Credit Cards Learn how to get credit cards with ANY name, address and phone number.
ch Prevent Account Linking I show you how to prevent your AdWords accounts from becoming linked and banned again!

This almost unknown method works 100%. I guarantee you a new and working Adwords account or your money back.

You will receive instant access to this eBook after your payment has been approved.


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