Adwords Suspension Nightmare

I started to use Adwords for my business back in 2002. I used Google for 10 years to promote my business before they suspended my account

I feel so angry and upset. How can they decide without any warning that they no longer want to show my ads?

It feels like the Italian mafia shutting down your business, because they don’t like your face. And Adwords is actually treating me like crap. I sent an email to some customer service rep working at the Google Adwords Headquarters last week. I wrote a very polite email explaining the reason why I felt that this ban from Adwords was unfair.

Instate of an email answering my questions and promising to review my case, I got an email telling me ‘don’t contact us again’ (real meaning: ‘go fu** yourself’).

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After I realized there was no way Google would reinstate my account, so I decided to take a closer look at alternative advertising platforms, such as Yahoo, Bing and Facebook.

Yahoo! Advertising

I like the user interface of the Yahoo platform, clean and easy to navigate, ads appear very fast after submitting them. However, I am starting to wonder, does yahoo actually get any traffic at all? For a keyword Google send me around 120 paid visitors a day Yahoo delivered 4 (!!!). I was deep shock.

Bing Ads

Actually I was really impressed by the signup process. They even provide a phone number you can call, in case you have any questions concerning your account. I spoke with one customer service guy, as I wanted to add $100 free credit to my account. He was very polite friendly and he did exactly what I asked of him. Again at the end I had the same issue as with Yahoo, lack of traffic.


My last hope as Yahoo and Bing did not turn out not to be an alternative to Adwords. I added a $100 voucher to Facebook. I even read some books on how to advertise on FB. I understand “social marketing” words different.

I spend almost 2 months and $3000 on Facebook ads. I came to the conclusion FB ads definitely not work for me.

After I tested and tried every possible alternative to Adwords after I got banned I came to the shocking conclusion there are no alternatives to Adwords. If you want to use paid online advertisement to attract customers, there is no way around Adwords. If you get banned you lose everything. So many people who built their business around Adwords don’t realize how thin the ice is they are operating their business on.  I tried use an Adwords re-seller  the issue is that their fees are so high that they made all my campaigns unprofitable.

The only realistic way to get ban on Adwords is to open a new account in your name. Even I hate Adwords for what they did to me, but still they are the best advertisement solution available.