Adwords Ban Solution?

Having my business put on hold and not really knowing, if I will ever be able to advertise on Google again must have been one of my most nerve-wracking experiences I ever had.


I did a lot of research online on how to get back on Google. I tried so many different ways to open a new account without success. I had my account always banned. Most of the time I was able to open a new account, but the ads never appeared.  A couple of days later AdWords sent me an email explaining  that my account had been permanently suspended, as they were able to link it to another banned account.

I tried every AdWords alternative without success. Bing, Yahoo and Facebook combined delivered less than 10% of the traffic I was used to be from Google.

I tried different guides on how to open a new Adwords account without getting suspended again. I was lucky I came across the guide written by Peter Bergmann.

First I had real doubts if it would work, but I still gave it a try. The guide provides easy to follow step by step instructions on how to open a new account without getting suspended again.

I am so glad Bergmann also provided me with personal email support, as my suspension case was really unique.

I have now a working Adwords account for more than 3 months. It feels really good to be back in business.

If you Adwords account had been suspended you definitely should try Bergmann’s ‘Get AdWords Unbanned’ guide. Even if it’s not cheap, it paid off in my case, as I have my business back.  


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  1. HI, I put a short list together why AdWords bans accounts:

    Paying Your Invoices
    This is quite straightforward. You don’t pay, you don’t play.

    Infringing on Google’s Guidelines
    On top of the above reasons for your Adwords account to be suspended, you need to make sure that you have read and clearly gone through all of Google’s guidelines and policies. Google has the right (and the power) to ban your account for any reason they deem necessary (it’s in the contract you agreed to) so follow your agreements. Don’t use black hat SEO techniques, cloaking, or other shady methods or you could find Google has brought out the wooden spoon.

    It’s Hard but You Can Get Your Account Reinstated
    Yes, most people will tell you that it is not worth going through the motions because Google doesn’t care and will only send you emails that won’t help but in reality, there are some good chances your account can be brought back to life. Sometimes little mistakes happen and if you believe this is the case, you can send Google an email to explain. This will not guarantee your account is reinstated but rather put you on the path to progress (Google WILL take a while to reply). In the past, Google was quite terrible with its customer support in the past and hence is the reason most people don’t bother but if you truly make an effort, accounts have been reinstated from as little as 24 hours in.

    Your Google Adwords Account Has Been Disabled
    While it might seem like an easy task when it comes to creating and managing a Google Adwords account, the opposite is actually the truth. Sure, creating the account is all roses and smiles. Simply click on the required buttons and enter the right information to then agreeing with some guidelines and you’re done. Managing it however, not so much. Many a new advertiser has found the death of his efforts well before they have even begun by making a few rookie mistakes. Everyone has done one or two of these, otherwise this article would have no use being written, so read on to find out some of the most common Adwords mistakes, and ho to avoid them in the future.

    Using Prepaid Cards to Launch the Campaign
    Using prepaid credit cards, gift cards, and the like are guaranteed to raise some red flags for all Google Adword staff associated with checking your account. It’s nothing personal but a majority of scammers will use prepaid cards and gift cards to avoid continuous capture and prosecution. These cards provide no permanent or real, traceable leads to follow and Google may make the mistake of banning your account. To avoid all possibility of this, just use a credit or debit card.

    Billing Addresses Don’t match on Credit Cards
    We all have applied for credit cards in the process of moving to a new house or have kept credit cards long past moving, so many of our credit cards sometimes have conflicting addresses provided. However, in Google’s case, this is a big red flag. Different addresses can mean that a scammer has not provided a real address or stolen someone’s identity. Change your addresses as often as you get new cards or move. It’s the only way to stay safe form a ban.

  2. This is how AdWords Suspended our account. We are Seychelles registered advertising company and we have registered MCP on our company name. Most of the accounts (profiles) we are managing were transferred from previous agency. After the profiles were transferred we wrote to the Bulgarian Google support (this is our location) asking them to change the Payments profile from the old to the new company. They send us a form for every and each profile, we filled it, accepted the changes and from that day ( 01.12.2017) all of the accounts are staying with status “Waiting for approval” . Meanwhile we are paying all our bills for all the accounts from the new company prepaid debit card. I guess that is the reason they suspended the first two accounts with reason “Suspicious payments activity” although they were newly created. Every time I am writing to the support, sending documents approval for the payments I receive no answer except that the account is permanently suspended and the decision is final.
    Later on they started suspending accounts twice a week with no mail , but it was written in the platform page that the reason is “Suspicious payments” which later on changed to ” Circumventing systems ” . We are working with affiliates (the websites are BLOG with product review and link where the user can buy it) . We were told to remove the links of one of the affiliate networks , because they were registering them as unwanted software and the ads were stopping every week and so we did, but later on they suspended all of the accounts. Of course we wrote many times to the support, sending documents and asking for more information, but till this moment there is no answer.

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