Biggest AdWords Mistake You Should Not Do

There is nothing as annoying in the world of online marketing as having your AdWords account been suspended.


A lot of people are amazed when it happens. Google generally has a policy that does not tolerate nonsense. If you go against their service terms, you may not manage to have a new account under the same name, and you may not be able to get traffic to the same domains via AdWords anymore. The only solution to prevent a suspended Google account is prevention. Below are four top reasons why an AdWords account might be suspended.

  1. Violating the policy repeatedly
  2. Violating policies in way that puts customers in danger
  3. Failure to pay for advertising bills
  4. Account that seems to be related to an already-suspended account

Understanding and knowing all Google’s policies can be a beast of a task, but they are great at allowing you to know if you go against one and will let you fix it if it is a first offense. According to Google, here are the top reasons why accounts are suspended:

Your Website Displays Only Adverts

If your only aim in making use of AdWords to get traffic to your website in order to make money from advertising, Google does not consider your website to be a proper web page. The reason behind this is any time a user clicks on an advert; they expect to be taken to a website that is selling what the advert was about. If they are taken to a webpage whose main purpose is to advertise, the customer will be annoyed. This is why Google executed the policy. They get a lot of complaints from users concerning these types of websites.

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You Run a Get-Rich-Quick Website

Maybe your website gives truly useful information that is ideal for those that are looking to start running their own business. Maybe the reports about your product are truly quite moderate. Maybe those factors will benefit you, maybe they won’t. Remember, the main reason that Google started the policy was due to complaints from customers. If Google feels that your website will get complaints as being a “get rich quick” website, there is chance that they will suspend your account before they get the opportunity to.

You Publish Unreliable Content

If Google realize that your content is unreliable, your account will get suspended. It can be suspended for using a word, like “best,” to describe the product. It can be suspended for making competitive statements. If your content appears unreliable to Google, that could get your AdWords account suspended. There’re more cases to be avoided, like the use of copyrighted material and brand names without permission, and other more obvious frauds.

Your Website Was Hacked

Google will not list a “hacked site” as the reason why your AdWords account will be suspended. If your website is hacked so that it redirects to a bad web page, Google will place your account into suspension. Attempting to explain the issue to Google may not resolve the problem, this implies site security is very important.


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