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Adwords Ban Solution?

Having my business put on hold and not really knowing, if I will ever be able to advertise on Google again must have been one of my most nerve-wracking experiences I ever had.


I did a lot of research online on how to get back on Google. I tried so many different ways to open a new account without success. I had my account always banned. Most of the time I was able to open a new account, but the ads never appeared.  A couple of days later AdWords sent me an email explaining  that my account had been permanently suspended, as they were able to link it to another banned account.

I tried every AdWords alternative without success. Bing, Yahoo and Facebook combined delivered less than 10% of the traffic I was used to be from Google.

I tried different guides on how to open a new Adwords account without getting suspended again. I was lucky I came across the guide written by Peter Bergmann.

First I had real doubts if it would work, but I still gave it a try. The guide provides easy to follow step by step instructions on how to open a new account without getting suspended again.

I am so glad Bergmann also provided me with personal email support, as my suspension case was really unique.

I have now a working Adwords account for more than 3 months. It feels really good to be back in business.

If you Adwords account had been suspended you definitely should try Bergmann’s ‘Get AdWords Unbanned’ guide. Even if it’s not cheap, it paid off in my case, as I have my business back.