How AdWords Destroyed My Beach Accessories Internet Business

I started selling online around 12 years ago on eBay. At that time you still needed to know HTML to make your eBay listings look good.


I was making pretty good money with selling shoes and beach accessories, the only issue was that eBay fees just took away to much of my profit, so I decided to start my own e-commerce site.

Sales almost doubled every month in the first year. It was just crazy, the more money I spend on AdWords the more I sold. Using AdWords instate of eBay was a lot more profitable.

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After a while I stopped selling on eBay, as the very thin profit margin did not justify to sell in that marketplace.

I also did not like dealing with eBay support staff, they are very arrogant and incompetent. At that time I had not idea that soon I would come across even more incompetent customer service workers.

For the next couple of years my Beach accessories business started to grow into a serious enterprise.

We managed to generate more than 2 million dollars a month in revenue. We spend around 200K on Adwords every 4 weeks.

Life was good. I never made so much money in my Life before. I did not know that the good life would come to an end soon. When AdWords suspended my account I went from Heaven to Hell within seconds. Getting banned from AdWords felt like driving a long a beautiful beach road, when suddenly somebody crashed into your car from behind. All stopped within seconds. The dream turned into a nightmare.


I tried to call AdWords only to find out that they actually don’t have a customer service number. I send several email where I only seem get computerized pre-written replies. I even send five physical letter to AdWords after I got banned. Until today, 5 months later AdWords did not reply one single letter I sent.

In my unbelievable frustration I started to create new AdWords account. My attempts opening a new account always when the account went through the review process.

I knew that they were able to link my old and new account every-time. I unsuccessfully opened seventeen AdWords account which all got banned instantly.

At nighttime I could hardly sleep because I felt I just lost everything I worked so hard for. I was so scared to tell me friends and family that my AdWords account got suspended. They were all so proud of me, because I spend the my childhood in a trailer park. Nobody ever thought I could built a successful business later in my life.

I had to get back on AdWords so I don’t loose face with all people around me. I even tried companies offering managed AdWords services only getting ripped off and paying double for every click.

I tried the book written by Peter Bergmann ‘AdWords Ghost‘ last month. First I did not believe it would work; However I followed the step by step guide and I have to say I am pretty excited as I am back in business. If you had your account banned you should really try this guide.