How AdWords Destroyed My Travel Agency Business

I started venturing into the online marketing field about six years ago as a pastime during my late evenings when I had time.


For my livelihood I was then working full time in a travel related company. This 9 to 5 job was not interesting to me and I hated going to office. I wanted to start a business of my own and I thought Internet is the best way of running my own small business. As I had sufficient experience and exposure in the travel and tours industry I decided to start my own business in this field.

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As such during the year 2009, I started my online travel agency business and I began to build my website and started promoting it. I found that Google’s Adwords is one of the best ways of getting my business marketed in a big way and I began to explore the possibilities and to my surprise I found it to be too good for my travel agency business. It was an instant success and the Adwords began to send a steady flow of customers to my online travel agency business.

This led to expansion of my business and I was able to include more services into my online travel agency business and everything was going in a good way. My success was really huge and I quit my full time job in the year 2012 and concentrated more on my online business. I was making good profit and I felt that I have reached the best part of my life and I was thankful for Adwords for my enormous success.

During this period I was making really good money and I had my own office and had 6 people working under me and I was happy to see that my income soaring beyond my expectation. During September 2014, I attended a travel related international travel convention and I got lot of opportunity to get good business introductions. I entered into several good proposals to expand my business associations. One of them came from a chain of hotels in Bangkok and they offered good returns for my efforts to promote their hotels.

I entered into a contract and began promoting their business using the materials supplied by them through my website which I was using Adwords to get more customers. During December 2014, all of a sudden number of customers I was getting to my business came down drastically and suddenly it came to zero. I waited for a week and did not know what the reason was. Then during the last week of December 2014 I got an email from Google Adwords team saying that my Adwords account is suspended for copyright violations pending investigation.

I was horrified to hear this and wanted to know the details and contacted Google through all means but to no avail except to hear that my Adwords Account is permanently shut down as it was used for promoting a business in violation of copyrights of third parties. I explained that I was not doing anything illegal but only using materials given by my business partners with whom I have valid contract allowing me to use their marketing materials. But nothing happened and all my business came to a standstill.

Google was not listening to my explanations and the treatment I am getting from them is so ugly that I feel ashamed of being their customers spending around $ 9000 to $11000 a month. This amount may be too little for Google but for me it was my bread and butter and the unreasonable attitude of Google has ruined my business and my life has taken a very severe beating. I have virtually lost everything that I built for all these years and I do not know what to do and how to restart my business.

I am punished so harshly for depending on Google for all my business promotion and for neglecting all other ways of marketing my online travel agency. So, learn from my life that Google is not reliable and it is ruthless in its action in shutting out the life and business of so many thousands of people like me.

It is always better not to put all your eggs in one basket and think of diversification right from day one of your online business. Never trust Google or any other company solely as what happened to me can happen to you at any time.