How AdWords Distroyed My Havaianas Business

For many years I have been importing Havaianas flip flops from Brazil. Working alongside other business partners, we were able to find success with AdWords. There, we were able to sell the imported Havianas flip flops from Brazil and we made a huge profit. However, like so many things, this didn’t last.


Working under the AdWords umbrella was a mistake that we learned the hard way. When you work with suppliers, something eventually goes wrong that you are not going to be able to fix right away.

First they banned me from having an account from AdWords. This turned my life into something I am not proud of. I was trying to find illegal ways to get a profit from these because the shipping to our regular customers was astronomical. It was a nightmare come to life for my family and I.

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During my time in the business, we were able to get into a big house where my children were able to run free. However, when the Havianas flip flops from Brazil business went under thanks to AdWords, I lost it all. We were forced to downsize and move into my parents. I lost my 2 cars and was forced to sell the home. The business was no more. On top of this, it caused strain in my marriage. This resulted in my wife and me getting a divorce and my wife gaining full custody of our children.

This is a sad story, I know. However, if I had never went with a company where it can, often times, be unreliable, I would have not had such bad luck. Selling Havaianas flip flops from Brazil was great and it brought me comfort. I begged my wife not to take the children, but she told me that I was too engulfed in my business to take care of my family. How could I not be, right? My life went from a life of comfort to shame all because of AdWords not agreeing that the business I ran was a legit enough business to be able to have an account.


I tried making it on my own, but the amount of Havaianas flip flops from Brazil I was shipping out, cost me more than I could afford. It was a mistake going with AdWords and I will never be able to dig myself out of this hole that I have thanks to a misunderstanding that I was unable to clear up.