Most Common Reasons AdWords Has Suspended or Banned Your Account

Have you ever logged into your Google AdWords account, only to be confronted with the demoralizing message that some unusual payment activity has been detected and your AdWords account has been banned or suspended?


While Google does this with the intention of protecting the integrity of Google Adwords and to minimize chargebacks. I still have a problem how to treat advertisers, because this suspension message can truly derail your online business. In my experience with Google, this message is a true test of your patience. You can appeal the Adwords suspension if you get really lucky AdWords might reinstate your account and you can start selling again. However, in most cases, the decline your appeal and they don’t even give you a reason for the suspension.

Did AdWords ban your account?
AdWords insider reveals a little-known technique on how to get your banned account back online - and how you can easily and safely open a new AdWords account.

Why did you get the Adwords Ban message?

Usually, Google bans your AdWords account when they suspect that some suspicious transactions have been going. Often, the fault is not even yours. They do it when they think that the security of your AdWords account is threatened. One thing that may get Google concerned about the safety of your account is if you change your IP address, location or even country. Also if make any payments using prepaid Credit Cards can raise a red flag.

This is so because Google sees prepaid cards unsafe, as they are used for so many fraudulent online payments.

Google may also suspend or ban your AdWords account if they have the impression that your account shows high-risk patterns such as payment do not match the personal information you provided them. Moreover, if your ad budget increases abruptly by more than 50%, Google will have found reason enough to deactivate it. All of these and many other such activities are probably the reason why AdWords suspended your account.

What to do?
The first thing you need to do is to contact Google immediately. You can do this by clicking on the link that appears in your Google AdWords account, by filling out the form. Reassure Google that nothing is wrong with your account, and lay strong emphasis on the fact that you have broken none of their rules. In case you have, describe what you will do
in the future to avoid those kinds of mistakes.


Be ready to wait
Even after contacting Google, brace yourself for a long period of waiting before they get back to you. As soon as Google has suspended your AdWords account, you will be treated like scum.

Sometimes, it can take them up to ten days to even acknowledge that they got your first message, let alone started acting on it. And even in those ten days, all they will probably send you is a machine generated email bearing a message of doom, informing you that your account has been permanently disabled. Don’t get too stressed up anyway; the email is just an acknowledgment.

If you Google AdWords did not reply your suspension appeal after 10 days, you pretty much out of options.

If you are lucky, you can get your AdWords account reactivated on the spot. If not, they will probably ask someone in the review team to work on your problem. Or the work could be passed off to someone in the AdWords department. At the end of the day, the chances of your AdWords account to be reactivated are very low.


Remember to be polite and firm at all times when you are contacting the Google staff- being rude will not really help you much. Bid your time quietly, and you will get your AdWords account back.

Make sure to steer clear of all the things that could get your AdWords account suspended again.


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