Most Common Reasons Why Adwords Bans Advertisers

To survive in online industry, you need to use different ways to get popular among online traffic.


Remembered that, online industry is not about targeting the population of a single city or country, when we talk about online industry, you suppose to consider more than 1 billion internet users your target market as long as your are offering something for everyone instead of selling a product or service to limited people.

There are different ways to promote your business, product, services, website or just a blog to get target audience. You can purchase ads on related websites, run campaign on social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter or you can simply use PPC services like Google Adword. As compare to other form of online marketing,

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PPC is known one of the best way to get target audience because in other form of advertising, you are just showing your ads to random people whether they are interested to purchase your product or note where in PPC you will only pay for those visitors who actually visit to your website.


Google is one of the most popular search engine. According to study, 90% online user use Google to search about the specific product. So, how about using Google to promote your product? You can so this with the help of Google Adword which is known one other most reliable and oldest PPC service provider. But, is it really easy to use Google Adword to promote your business? No, because Google promise their visitors to provide them the most relevant search result including ads, that’s why it is not easy even as an customer to purchase services from Google, until you are offering something unique to Google’s traffic which are general public.

There are many reason due to which Google ban their advertisers on Google Adword. If you know these reasons in details, then you can avoid them to get approved with Google Adword and get most effective results for your business, which means better ROI and profit. Following I am sharing the list of reasons; why Google Adword bans advertisers:

1 – Low quality websites: You are not offering anything to your visitors except a landing page with ads, specially ads by Google Adsense. The landing page should be fill with at least 70% of unique content which must be related to your ads.

2 – Misleading Ads: You have creating misleading ads to make people visit your website through Google Adword. What is misleading ads? For example you promise about free sample of product in ad but asking for money when traffic reached at your website.

3 – Using trademark keywords: Google allow you to use trademark keywords as long as you are actually selling their products. For example if you are selling iPhone6 then you can target a keyword like Apple or iPhone but if you are only targeting these keywords to get traffic on your website, then Google may ban you for violating their terms.


4 – Jump pages: Google love to promote affiliates website, even they has their own services for that but if you are using jump pages where a visitor directly reached to sales page through ads, then you are offering nothing to the visitors. Why a visitor reach to sale page directly instead of reading about product first? So, an ad which promotes jump, bridge or thin pages could ban your AdWords account.

5 – Violation of Google policies: You violate Google products policies including webmaster guidelines, use of Black Hat SEO, not providing unique and good content and practice cloaking on your website etc.

6 – Not paying invoice: This is the most common reason Adwords Bans advertisers. Many people use fake credit card or bank details in their billing section or submit an empty credit card and expired bank account etc. This also including not paying invoice on time.



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