Reader Stories: How I got slapped by Adwords

Over the last couple of years I built up a substantial eCommerce business.  We have 16 full time staff working in our warehouse outside LA. We buy stock in large quantities from OEM producers in China; we sell those products under our own brand in the US. We invested a lot of money in developing that brand, so consumers trust us.


The issue is that our sales collapsed after we got banned from Adwords last month. With no warning via email or phone, AdWord’s just banned us.

Here the email they sent us:

“Hello AdWords Advertiser,
Your AdWords account has been suspended because it doesn’t comply with our Advertising Policies and our AdWords Terms and Conditions. Please note that this means your account and any related accounts have been suspended, you can’t create any new accounts, and your ads will no longer run on Google, our search partners, or on Display Network placements. “

There did not include any reason why they banned our Adwords account. We decided to get in touch with the AdWords Support Team to find out what happened. We had no chance to get hold of anyone by phone. They needed in average of 5-7 days to reply our emails. And even then they don’t include any answers that actually has anything to do with the questions we asked them in our original email.

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If we would offer the same level of customer service on our website, there would be hundreds of complains in forums and “report a rip-off” sites.

It has been now one month since we got suspended from AdWords. We still don’t know what went wrong, and we still think we are innocent.

I had to let all 16 full time staff go, I am just not able anymore to pay their salary. I also had to file for bankruptcy as all my money is tied up in stock which I can’t sell after the Adwords ban.

Google seems to act like some kind of evil regime where people have no rights. If someone does not like your face they just can put you behind bars until the rest of your life without ever giving explanation why they jailed you.

Adwords Ban mean you are are banned for life of selling online. Forget about Yahoo, Facebook or Bing. They all not work. eBay will just kill you with the extreme high fees.
People deserve to know why their account got suspended. Just telling people f**k off is highly immoral. We all know people make mistakes, but if you not give people the chance to learn from those mistakes it’s just evil.

I think there should be an online petition forcing Google to implement a fair and balanced appeal process for banned Adwords users. Adwords knows that they have a virtual monopoly on online advertisement, so they don’t give “sh**” about their customers. I tested Bing ads 2 weeks ago, without any success. However I have to give them credit how they were dealing with advertisers. You could feel they really cared.

Why did Google turn into that EVIL Company?