Top FIVE Reasons AdWords Disables Accounts

Thousands of Adwords users are suspended every month. What are the reasons for AdWords suspending some accounts? 


Here are the top 5 reasons Adwords bans Advertisers:

  • False/deceptive advertising

There are some companies which display false information on Adwords. Obviously, this is meant to cheat customers into buying the products being falsely advertised. It is very devastating when you get wrong descriptions of goods, only to like it, purchase it and be shocked eventually at how the advertised goods differ greatly from the actual goods. Anyone would feel defrauded. The result of all this? Adwords will lose its good reputation as people will spread the word that the goods advertised there are not the actual ones that you shall get upon delivery.

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  • Trademark Violations

There are advertisers who use other company’s trademarks without their permission. Some famous trademarks include for instance, Gucci, Disney and Apple. Using the trademark without authorization from the owner is an infringement of the owner’s intellectual property rights, and they can sue for remedies available to them under the applicable laws. If Google issued by these companies, they will ban such advertisers immediately for infringing on Adwords policy.

  • Poor/Misleading Landing Page  

Some advertisers have very appealing advertisements, only for a customer to click on their websites link and find it horrible. Google is a company that deals with high quality materials and it will not be willing to compromise its credibility. Advertiser ought to have a good website, especially the landing page linked on Adwords. Advertisers can improve that by having relevant and useful content only, being transparent, making it easy to navigate from page to page and ensuring that the website is quick to load.

  • Illegal/Fake goods

Counterfeit goods are another reason that makes Adwords ban advertisers. These are the goods that are displayed as high quality goods, usually using a renowned trademark of such goods, but it is actually a fake product. Google loves and appreciates its customers and will not compromise on delivering the best to them. Apart from the goods being counterfeit and devastating the buyer, they could also be harmful to the buyer in different ways. For these reasons, Google cannot be reluctant and such an advertiser will be banned.

  • 1. Always pay your AdWords bill on time

Adwords is in business. As we all know, there are some common ethics in business such as paying for services in time. Some advertisers fail to honor this term and of course, Google cannot place their adverts for free. They cannot promote them without payment as they also use human resource to work, who need to be paid as well. Advertisers must understand that and if they fail to pay their dues in time, they will be banned.


Now you know the most common reasons Adwords bans advertisers. If you are already registered, avoid these five common mistakes to stay on the Google marketing and promotion platform. If you wish to join Adwords, you know what to avoid.


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