Top Reasons Why AdWords Shut Advertisers Down

Being successful as an Internet marketer requires being patient and persevering.


If this ground rule is understood early in the day, chances of falling by the wayside get reduced significantly. In this article we will try and have a look at the various ways and means by which you could avoid suspension of your AdWords. There is no doubt that AdWords and other paid advertisements work quite well in building brands, increasing website traffics and for other such things. However, in many cases AdWords are banned and it certainly put a big spoke in digital marketing efforts. Hence over the next few lines we will try and find out the various points to be kept in mind while choosing AdWords.

Never Allow Your AdWords To be suspended

The first cardinal rule that you must keep in mind is to ensure that you do not end with your AdWords account suspended. As a beginner it is quite possible that you may not be aware of the various reasons why your account might get suspended. Hence having knowledge about the same is extremely important. Though there could be many reasons for it here are a few of them which are considered to be very important.

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Your AdWords may be in violation of the policies of Google. It is important for you to find out the reasons for such violation. This would call for understanding more about the Google AdWords policies and removing those areas, which are infringing the same.

Nonpayment of bills to Google could also be another big reason for suspension of Google AdWords. However, you should be sure of this being the reason. If it so, there is no doubt that you must take steps to immediately clear the pending bills so that you can start working on your Adwords campaign again.

Using a blacklist link should be the last thing you must do when you are running a Google Adwords campaign. Not only will the link be banned but also the entire account might be deactivated and blocked. Though you might have done in innocently, Google is quite merciless on this count and therefore you have to be doubly careful.

Stay Away From Deceitful Advertisements

It is important to be transparent and upfront as far as your advertisements using AdWords are concerned. You must not make unreal or extraordinary claims about your products and services. You should bear in mind that a customer is looking for an experience that is genuine, especially when he is making use of AdWords to gather the required information. As an advertiser your objective should be to share genuine information rather than focusing more on increased number of clicks based on information, which may not be factual. Further there also could be situations where you could end up using registered or trademarked keywords. This will not only lead to suspension of your Adwords campaign, but you also could be saddled with many legal issues.

Therefore at the end of the day, while being and persevering in your AdWords campaign, you also should not the rules of the games thoroughly.



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