What To Do If Google Adwords Bans Your Account

Google is the most popular search engine used on the internet to find detailed information. Most of businesses have shifted online and expand their work and sale of their goods and services on online.


Internet users are increasing on daily basis so it is good opportunity for new businesses to start selling online right way . You have seen some websites on internet who are making lot of sales but there are websites and businesses who are new to internet and have difficulty in getting customer and users to their business. So these businesses use Google AdWords or any other advertising platform to get potential visitors to their website.

Google has very strict policy to approve ads for your business. I have experience with other ads platforms also like Facebook, and some others but they give very few traffic.

Did AdWords ban your account?
AdWords insider reveals a little-known technique on how to get your banned account back online - and how you can easily and safely open a new AdWords account.

If you started your business with Google AdWords and your account get banned then there are many possible reasons:

  • Your site giving affiliates links like coupons site
  • You sale drugs or any type of other medicines
  • Your target to get visitors is fill the form to get emails and other information from the users
  • Site is vulnerable to users computers
  • Site not well structured and content is poorly presented
  • Your ads getting too many complaints from the website owners

So if any of these rules you break then Google has right to ban your account. But AdWords team send you email notification about your ads if there occurs any problem. So you have to fix your site or ads and contact them to review your application.


Sometimes it happens that your account may be banned without any reason because all the things are automatically controlled by machines and there are many advisors and AdWords team cannot look into each account manually. So machines can do mistakes.

If your all business depends upon Google AdWords campaign and your account get banned then you can do these things to create new account.

  • Use new name and address
  • Use new credit/debit card
  • Create new domain and site with new design
  • Change website contact information
  • Don’t use old ads and old campaigns
  • Start with some new ideas for your business

This is a basic guide, for a full step by step instructions on how top open a new AdWords account check out the AdWords Ghost guide.

If you follow the above steps then you can fix your banned account. But  you can choose also any other advertising platform like Facebook.