Why Does Adwords Suspend Accounts?

Adwords has a monopoly on online advertisement. There is no other advertising platform who can deliver quality traffic like Adwords does.  adwords-ban

How does it works? After creating an account on Google with Adwords, you have to create a campaign, which includes deciding on a set of keywords, relevant to the product you are promoting and the URL address of the page you want to advertise. Your campaign will run until your budget is over.

One of the highest problems with using Google Adwords is the fact that they will suspend your account without any prior information this happens to you and it can be very frustrating and sometimes cost you a lot of money in terms of lost income for your business.

Here are some reasons why it happens and how you can prevent it from happening to you:

  • You are in a market which are not approved by Google

You have to realize that if you are in a market, with full of people who are fraud, cheaters and try to scam others; your site is going to be banned from Google.

  • If you are continually breaking the rules.

As you are aware of the Google’s guidelines and you always have to follow that and if you are mostly trying get double cross those guidelines you will find yourself in pond of trouble.

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The most common guideline that people break is the fact that you should not have more than about 15 keywords in an ad group.

The reason behind this is, they actually want you to be as relevant as possible! If you are not doing this – eventually they shut down your account.

  • Direct in contact with affiliate products in your niche market.

You must know that when you try and promote connected products in your niche you need to send landing page first to your visitors.

The problem with direct linking is the fact that multiple advertisers will be promoting a site.

If they see that you are trying to promote a site that other people are promoting as well – they will likely freeze your account or ban your account from their system.